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That’s a good question. And one with a very simple answer. Contracting with Therapy At Its Best has its benefits!

When you join our agency you get access to a range of professional, clinical and personal benefits. These include, amongst many others, career planning, competitive compensation, flexible schedule and workplace options in addition to collaboration with our team of skilled professionals.

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Our multiple school-based contracts are in various settings such as public, private, and charter schools. Our contract schools can depend on us to provide qualified professionals who are able to create opportunities for academic and lifelong success by empowering students to become independent thinkers.

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The needs of our learning facilities differ; therefore, we are able to accommodate you with flexible contracts and schedules. Therapy at its Best has created a community that fosters growth and professional development for its therapists.

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We offer flexibility, expertise, and we are highly responsive to the needs of our schools. We are committed to providing the needed knowledgeable and professional services that produce results, while ensuring that students are receiving the highest quality of therapeutic services.

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Therapy at its Best provides unparalleled supports to our therapists. As speech and language pathologists, We are aware of the many demands and time constraints that are available to us during the day.